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Saturday 9th August

Weather: (Holland and Denmark) hot and sunny

Joop, Celia and Julian got up at 5.00. We left home at 7.00 and headed towards Coevorden  to pick up Mathilde, who had prepared a coolbag full of food for us to eat on our way to Denmark. We just about managed to squeeze everything into the car, including bags on our laps and then we were on our way! After a week of very hot weather in Holland we were looking forward to the slightly cooler temperatures that were predicted in Denmark.

Around lunchtime we stopped at a gas station in Germany for a bite to eat, then finally arrived in Denmark at 16.30. Mathilde was the map-reader and we found our way to Bork Havn fairly easily. We first picked up the key at the little office of the owner, who spoke to us in very poor German - just as well that Joop and Mathilde speak German!

We then went to our holiday home, which looked more or less as we expected. You can also see this on the Dansommer site (house number B-3066).


<- Here is a floor plan of the house.

The garden was more like three large gardens which went around the house.

There was a cooker, microwave, fridge/freezer, dishwasher,
washing machine, dryer, whirlpool, sauna and solarium!

Celia and Julian played with a toy plane in the garden while Joop and Mathilde went to pick up the tickets for Legoland from Dansomer.

After that we unpacked, then cooked some pasta which we had brought with us.  We decided to eat in the garden as it was such nice weather.

We spent the rest of the evening in the garden.  After we eventually worked out how to put up the badminton net we brought with us, Celia and Julian played some badminton while Mathilde and Joop chatted.  Then when Julian went to bed Celia and Joop played badminton, and Mathilde sunbathed.

Celia and Joop didn't sleep too well, because of the heat and because of the mosquitoes that seemed to take a liking to Celia.

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