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Sunday, 10th August, 2003

Weather: very hot and sunny, temperature 30C minimum

We got up around 7.00 and ate breakfast then Celia and Julian had a game of badminton. At 10.00 we drove a short distance to a little supermarket to get some food supplies then came back and had a snack. We then took a little walk to a nearby Viking market and had a look around.

There were many people dressed up in Viking costume, and they were actually making some of the things you could buy, such as jewellery, wood and leather items.



One of these huts was made to look like an authentic Viking home, in other words practically empty except for a fire in the middle of the floor!





There was also a horse show (right) and some typical Viking artifacts (below).


We also took a look the small Viking museum there, where lots of miniature boats were on display.  Click on image to see the middle boat close up.

After we had a good look around, we walked back to the house and had some lunch in the garden, then Mathilde sunbathed whilst Joop and Celia cooled off a bit in the shade.  Julian played on his own with the badminton racket and on his Gameboy.

It was really too hot to stay outside so after a little while we all went indoors where it was much cooler.  We watched a DVD that Mathilde had brought with her called "Two weeks' notice", which was very good.

Later that afternoon we went to the shops again to get some postcards and whilst in that area took a look at the nearby beach, which is known as a surfer's paradise.  It is an artificial beach with not much sand and the water looked shallow for quite some way, though we didn't go in ourselves.

We went back to the house and again went in the garden to eat our meal of pasta and danish meatballs (yum!).  Celia and Julian played a bit of badminton before his bedtime and then Joop and Celia went for a short walk around the neighbourhood, while Mathilde sat on the terass and read a while.

We wrote a few postcards before going to bed.  Celia and Joop again had a very restless night with the heat and mosquitoes, though Mathilde didn't get bitten at all!

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