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Monday, 11th August, 2003

Weather: Hot and sunny, with storms toward the end of the day

We got up around 8.00 ate breakfast, put a load of washing on and prepared a picnic lunch.  We wanted to put the washing in the dryer before leaving the house, so Joop and Mathilde wrote the rest of their postcards, while Celia and Julian played some badminton.

We left "home" around 10.00, posted our postcards, and headed to a nearby town called Esbjerg.

We stopped at Esbjerg's Fiskeri og Søfartsmuseet (Fishery and Maritime Museum) and ate a little of our picnic in the carpark before going in.  The museum is just outside of the above map to the north-west.

Below is a plan of the layout of the museum.  As you most probably
can see around half of the exhibits are outside (click on the plan to enlarge).

We first had a look at the temporary exhibitions showing examples of sealife, including live crabs and starfish and and you could look at various shells and seaweed etc under a microscope.  There was even a stuffed seal, which you can see Julian stroking (below) .

We then had a look around the shipping exhibition which was made to look like a fishing village, with full size boats, huts and model people.  There were also lots miniature boats and ships.

Then then decided we would go outside area at the right, before it got really hot outside.

There were some large boats, and you could go inside one or two of them..

This man (above) was making ropes.



We were surprised to find this
blacksmith (right) working here
under a hut on this hot day!



There was also a netmaker.  Above is Mathilde and Joop in a hut full of nets that he made.




We went into an engine room (left)
and also a small bunker.




This liferaft (below) takes up to 50 people!


Then we went back into the main building and into the the new aquarium area with many different kinds of fish, crabs and other sea life.

One tank had the water spinning around to similate a current.  It was really strange to see all the fish swimming but not moving because of the current. There was also an open topped fish tank, which you can see below, where you could dip your hands in and pet the fish!

Next we visited the sealarium where there was a huge seal tank.

This area also housed some minx.










We then went up some stairs where we could see the top of the seal tank and we watched them being fed. (right)

This seal (below) was really cute, he kept smacking the water with his flipper to let the man feeding them know that he wanted some fish too!

Before leaving, we went into the little gift shop to buy some souvenirs.

We went back to the car to have a bit more to eat.  We drove a short way and took some photos of these statues near the beach with Celia and Julian posing in front.



We then drove to the town area as we planned to visit the Vand Tårn (Water Tower - left).

We parked and walked to the tower, but found out when we got there that it closed at 4.00 and it was already 4.30!

We had also planned to visit the nearby Esbjerg Museum, but realised that it would probably be closed as well, so that was a bit disappointing.

Instead, we took a little walk through the shopping precinct Kongensgade (likely translation Kingstreet).

We bought some more souvenirs, and Mathilde found a cup with her name on!

We stopped to have an icecream, before heading back to the carpark.




We drove back to Bork Havn and Celia treated everyone to a meal at the Pearl Harbour restaurant, which was across the road from the supermarket.  The food was very nice but the restaurant had insects everywhere probably because of the heat, so that wasn't so nice.


That evening we spotted a hare in our garden!  He turned out to be a regular visitor to our garden that week.

Later in the evening there was a bit of a storm, so we stayed inside.  The weather affected the reception of the satellite channels (most of which were in Danish and German anyway) so we watched a bit of a DVD that Mathilde had brought with her, a concert of Marco Borsato.  When Joop was satisfied that he had killed most of the mosquitoes in the house, we finally went to bed shortly after 12.00.  Celia decided to wear a towel over her ears so she wouldn't be woken up by any remaining mosquitoes, and we all had a better night's sleep, though it was still very hot.



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