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Tuesday, 12th August, 2003

Weather: Sunny, but with cooler temperatures between 23 and 27°C


We had a long lie-in until 9.30.  After breakfast Celia played badminton with Julian, but the garden was covered with leaves from the storm the previous night and it was still quite breezy, so they didn't have a very good game.

We went first to the shops for some more food.  When we got back we sat and looked through our brochures, as we hadn't really made a proper plan for today.

We eventually decided we would take a drive around the Ringkøbing Fjord (right), with the idea of visiting two or three tourist attractions.

We made a packed lunch to eat on the way, as it was already around noon by the time we set off.

Our first stop was at Nymindegab Strand.  The beach looked very similar to this picture (below) also in Denmark, with sand dunes that we had to walk across first.  The sand was very soft, white and powdery, which reminded me so much of how Jersey beaches used to be several years ago.  We sat here only for a very short while to eat our picnic, then continued on our way.


The next planned stop was the Hvide Sande Lys candle factory/shop.  We parked in a little shopping area where we thought it would be, but after a short walk we realised we had stopped off too soon.  However we found a nice tourist shop there and bought some more mementos.

We drove a bit further down the road and completely passed the candle factory before we spotted it!  Because we had also planned to visit a plane museum, and as time was speeding by, we initially decided not to turn back.  But then we realised that by the time we would have got to the museum it would be closed anyway, so after a bit of discussion and driving we decided to turn around and head back the candle factory!

When we got there we asked if we could make our own candles and they said we were just five minutes too late to make our own as they need two hours to stand and solidify!  But anyway, the shop was quite big so we had a look around.  They had candles in just about every colour and shape you could think of, and we couldnt resist buying a few goodies, including some citronella candles (to detract the mosquitoes), and a glittery mauve bear candle for Julian.

After this, we resumed our little drive and decided to make one final stop at Ringkøbing.

We took a small walk around the harbour and shopping area before setting back to Bork Havn.

After our evening meal Julian and Joop played some badminton until it was time for Julian's bedtime, while Mathilde sat outside in the sun and Celia stayed inside the shade to write her diary.  Then Celia and Joop decided to try out the whirlpool.  It was a bit disappointing though as the pumping system wasn't working.

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