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Wednesday, 13th August, 2003

Weather: sunny with a few rain showers towards the end of the afternoon

We made a fairly early start, getting up around 7.30, as today we were visiting Legoland.  We prepared a picnic lunch as we guessed that food within Legoland would be a bit pricey.

It was about an hour's drive and we arrived a little before 10.30.

As you see from the picture above, there were already two very long queues of people, but as we had pre-ordered our entry tickets we could walk straight in!

We decided to head straight to Adventure Land at the far end of Legoland so that most of the walking was at the beginning of the day, which proved to be a good plan as the rides weren't so busy in that part.

Click here to see a map of Legoland

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Adventure Land

We skipped the Power Builder ride (50 on legoland plan) and Xtreme Racers (42 on plan - picture below) as Joop and Mathilde are not keen on scary rides!

Celia and Julian went on Jungle Races (46 - picture below) which was a popular ride with children.  It spun around extremely fast however, and we got splashed with water!

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Castle Land (Borgland)

We walked to the Eagle's Nest (40) where we could sit down and eat our picnic and Julian could have a little play.

Once we were finished we went to the Mini Castle (5) where there was going to be a little show.  Seats were filling up quickly so we decided to sit and wait for the start in 15 minutes.  Celia sat next to a woman with two dogs, and once the show was just about to begin the woman got up and left!  The show was all in mime, and the actors did all kinds of stunt dives off of the "castle" into the moat (picture below).

We then went on the Dragon ride (41).  This short ride was like a sort of mini roller coaster, that started out slow and then suddenly speeded up and went sideways, at which point a camera took our picture to show our scared faces!

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Pirate Land



We next got on the Pirate Carousel (38). These were big tubs you sit down in, which go around very fast in a big circle.  You could also turn your individual tub round too - a very dizzy ride!

Next ride was the Pirate Boats, which you step into as the boat was moving round a rotating platform. The little lake had lego sharks and crocodiles, as you can see on the right.  Look a bit closer and you'll also see a lego shoe floating in the water!  The ride went through some caves showing lots of moving pirates and their treasure made out of, you guessed it, lego!

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Legoredo Town

Fascinating fact #1:
This huge lego statue (above) in Legoredo Town is made from 1.5 million bricks!  It is of the four famous American presidents, Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln.

You could pan for "gold" at the Legoldmine (28), so Julian had a go.  He then took his find to the desk where they made it into a gold (plastic!) medal for him!

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Lego Explore Land

This part of Legoland (below) was especially for little kids, but we took this picture of it when we walked through.

Imagination Zone

The imagination zone was mainly inside.  In the Lego Mindstorms Centre (23) you can build and program your own robot!

Fascinating fact #2:
6 ordinary eight-studded bricks can be put together in no less than 102,981,000 ways!

One part of the centre was dedicated to lego themed computer games, where you could try them out on the gameboy, playstation, etc.  Typically, this was the part of Legoland that Julian enjoyed the most!  These games and lego kits were also available to buy, which was tempting as they would have been much cheaper than in the shops.

At the Lego Studios (2) we saw a show called Lego Races 4D (left with Mathilde in front and her new friend!).  What makes the show "4D"?  Well, as well as there being special glasses for everyone to wear to make the screen look 3D, there were other special effects, such as surround sound - all the seats had individual speakers on the headrests!  Also, there were two screens either side of the main one for added effects such as scenery rushing by when there was a race and at one part realistic snow fell from the ceiling when racing though a wintery landscape.

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This is the most incredible part of the whole park and it was easy to get carried away taking photos, which of course we did!  

Each part of Miniland was depicting a famous city in miniature, such as Amsterdam (below) , Los Angeles, Copenhagen, etc, all entirely made of lego.

There were even little lego vehicles, trains and planes programmed to follow a certain route around these mini cities.

Some parts of Miniland were interactive where you could race some of these little cars via some simple controls.

Fascinating fact #3:
Each season the trains cover 75,000 km and the cars and planes some 35,000 km, that totals almost three trips around the equator!


Fascinating fact #4:
Miniland is made with over 45 million lego bricks.

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The Lego Shop


After the weather being dry so far, it suddenly began to rain so we decided to look around the shops for some souvenirs.

Joop bought a souvenir book on Legoland, and he and Mathilde each bought a box in the shape of a giant lego piece.  Celia bought a couple of keyrings for her collection and some postcards and Julian also bought a lego keyring.



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More Rain and Tired Feet!


By the time we went outside again the sun was shining.  We went back to Legoredo Town, where Celia watched Julian having a ride on the Western Ride carousel (30) while Joop and Mathilde went to buy some chicken and chips from the nearby kiosk "Chicken Delight" (10).  Unfortunately shortly after we sat to eat it decided to rain so we ate the rest of our food standing under a nearby shelter.  Once we finished eating the sun came back out again!

It was about 6.00 by now and we were quite tired of walking, so decided it was time to leave.  There were a few parts of Legoland we didn't get a proper look at for sure, and had we also wanted to try out all the rides we could have easily filled two days, but it was a fantastic day out nonetheless.

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We went back to the house and spent the rest of the evening resting our tired feet and relaxing in front of the television before going to bed at around 11.00.

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