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Friday, 15th August, 2003

Weather: dry with a cool wind

The morning we had a little lie-in and took the morning at a relaxed pace.  We tidied up and packed a little in preparation for tomorrow, our last day.

The owners had provided a guestbook for visitors to sign so we had a good look through it.  Some guests had stayed in the house during the wintertime.  We figured they must have been bored because they had filled a page with an absolutely amazing drawing of the house!  A lot of the entries were unsurprisingly in Danish, but some were in German and Dutch too.  We made an entry in English, Dutch and German so that hopefully future guests don't have too many problems reading it!

After lunch we headed for Blåvand to do a little bit of tourist shopping.  It was still very windy outside, though not as cold as the previous day and fortunately a bit drier.



We stopped at Blåvandvej - which probably translates as Blåvand Road - as we had seen in a brochure some interesting looking tourist shops in this area.

We first visited a shop (advert to the left) where they make and sell lots of jewellery and figures made out of amber.  As the advert says, you can bring any amber you might find on the beach and they will polish it for you.  We also noticed that amber souvenirs were sold in just about every tourist shop we visited, so one can conclude from this that it must be very common to find amber in Denmark. Celia tried on a pretty silver and amber ring, which would have made a nice souvenir, but unfortunately it was too small.



Right next door to the amber shop was this shop (right) selling unusual glass, ceramic and other hand made products.  It was all very beautiful and Mathilde bought a couple of items, but Celia and Joop managed to resist.








On the opposite side of the road a bit further up we stopped to have a look at this art gallery that was advertised (left), but we didn't stay long as it turned out to be just a couple of small rooms with some paintings for sale, barely worth visiting.

Further down the road on the same side was Blåvand Bolcher, a sweet shop and factory where Julian made his own lolly sweet.  There were lots of children there and it was very cramped.  They had to put on special gloves because the sweets were very hot so they could be shaped.  Julian was given a length of lolly which he then had to put on a stick and twist around into a nice shape.  You can see him below waiting for it to cool down.

The factory was very warm and smelt sickly sweet, so it was a bit of a relief to get back into the shop area, where Celia and Mathilde each bought a bag of "pick 'n' mix" sweets and of course the lolly that Julian had made.

Yet a little bit further down the road we came across another candle factory/shop Blåvandlys which we hadn't spotted in the tourist brochure (below).  They sell many beautiful candles and ornaments, so of course we had a good look around. It's worth going to their website and clicking on the picture gallery just to see what a gorgeous shop this is.  Once we had managed to choose just a few items to buy Joop and Mathilde joined the 20 minute queue!  The reason it was so long was because the staff were wrapping up absolutely everything that was bought.  Celia and Julian wisely decided to wait outside in the cool air!

This was our last port of call before heading back "home" for a nice cup of coffee and a cream filled lemon cake.

We spent the evening mainly relaxing and packing a bit for the next day.

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