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Saturday, 16th August, 2003

Weather: dry and cool

We got up around 7.00, had breakfast and set to work.  We made a picnic for on the way back home and then cleaned the house and packed the rest of our stuff, ready for when we had to vacate the house at 9.30.

The lady that owned the house came in around 9.00 to check over the house and mow the lawn.  Joop tried to explain to her in a mixture of German, English and Dutch that the whirlpool was not functioning as it should, but we weren't convinced she actually understood as she only seemed to speak Danish!

We then left the house for the last time, and drove to the husband's little office in order to get our deposit back and give in the house keys.  We made one last visit to the supermarket to buy a few Danish goodies to take home, such as some of their very tasty yoghurt bread.  Then it was time to head home.

Farewell Denmark!

The journey back took around 1-2 hours more than the one coming to Denmark, because there was a huge traffic jam in Germany.  We stopped in Holland to refuel and then went back into Germany to take a shorter route!  As we got back into Holland we were stopped by the passport control.  As soon as Celia showed them her Jersey passport the man took all the passports into his little portable "office" to check them out.  But fortunately there was no problem with that and we were back on our way.

We stopped by Mathilde's around 6.30 and ate the rest of our picnic.  Then Celia, Joop and Julian popped around to Ma and Pa's to give them the Danish lemon cake they had bought, before setting back home and going straight to bed!

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