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2005: Boekelo - Labyrinth der Zinnen (26-07-2005)
On our first daytrip during the summer holidays we went to see a nice park in Boekelo where there was also a little zoo.

2005: Den Haag - Museon & Omniversum (28-05-2005)
In May 2005 we made a short visit to Den Haag to see the Museon and also the Omniversum which was right next door.

2005: Steamtrain - Apeldoorn - Loenen v.v. (05-05-2005)
On Ascension Day we made a little trip with a steamtrain that still runs from Apeldoorn to Dieren and back.

2003: Denmark - Bork Havn (09-08-2003 - 16-08-2003)
In August 2003 we went together with Joop's sister Mathilde to Denmark for a week in a luxury holiday home.

2001: Centerparcs - Het Heijderbos (31-08-2001 - 07-09-2001)
In August/September 2001 we went to a nice Centerparc (Het Heijderbos) to stay a week in a nice bungalow.

2000: France - Dol de Bretagne and Paris (06-08-2000 - 20-08-2000)
In August 2000 we went to Disneyland Paris and a camping site in Dol de Bretagne in France.


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