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Celia's story

How we met

It was 29th August 1999 and I was feeling bored, so I searched on ICQ (a chat program) for someone to chat to. Romance was not at the forefront of my mind, as I had already had an internet relationship the previous year which didn't work out.

I searched for someone with similar interests as me and several names came back, but I couldn't resist sending a message to the one who called himself "Tarzan". I wondered if he was some kind of self-centred muscleman! However, as we exchanged messages I discovered Joop was actually very sweet and we carried on chatting for four hours!

Getting serious

We continued to send messages to each other every day, and after a few weeks we realized there was something special between us. We agreed to take things slowly as we had both been hurt fairly recently. Shortly after, however, we started phoning each other regularly and things became pretty serious. It was at that point we decided we had to meet and Joop booked a flight to Jersey so he could be with me and my son Julian over Christmas and the New Year.

I met Joop at the airport on Christmas Eve. The first thing we noticed about each other was the height difference (I'm 4'11" and he is almost 6' 4")! But we got on perfectly and the week was over before we knew it. We have said many times since how it felt as if we had been together for years.

The proposal

After that week I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Joop so two months later I went to visit him in Holland for a few days, and on the 29th February 2000 (exactly six months after we had first exchanged messages) I proposed to him! He said "yes" of course and we have been engaged now for almost four years!  Julian and I left Jersey to live with Joop in Holland in May 2002.


Joop's story

How we met

"Hallo hoe gaat het?" were the first words Celia wrote to me on ICQ. I was puzzled because she came from Jersey from which I knew very little at the time, but for sure I knew there weren't many people there that could speak Dutch. I liked her name very much and decided to respond to her little dutch question. I discovered that she had dutch roots (her mother's father came from Holland) and was very interested in my country having been there a few times already.

The first ICQ chat was a long one. We chatted for four hours about all kinds of things and we found out we had a lot in common. We were both looking forward to chatting to each other the next day. And the day after...

Getting serious

The next days and weeks we kept on chatting through ICQ and we couldn't stop! My brother one day said to me: 'Why don't you ring her? That way you can chat much quicker than typing it all in'. And at first I was a bit scared but we both thought it was a good idea and so I rang her one evening. Luckily we still had loads to chat about (and I really loved her British accent!). After a while we decided we had to meet which meant I had to go by plane. The thought of flying in an airplane wasn't very appealing but I knew I had to go. And I went just before christmas 1999. I can remember it very well. Julian ran towards me shouting Joop, Joop! Together we went to Celia (and yeah I also thought what a height difference..) and were driven home by her dad. Upon entering the house they took me to the lounge and presented me a lovely Christmas card! I felt right at home and did for the rest of my stay. It was a fantastic time and I was very sad that I had to leave. If people in the departure lounge would take a close look at me they could see something glistening in my eyes...

The proposal

The return visit didn't take long because Celia already knew she wanted to spend the rest of her life with me and she wanted to propose to me. And as it happens one can break the tradition of the man asking the woman to marry her on the 29th of February and that was the date of our engagement. She also wanted to live with me here in the Netherlands and after a long period of waiting on the official issues they came to the Netherlands on the 7th of May 2002. And we lived happily ever after!


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