Homepage of JOop and CElia
Personal data
 Name: Celia Laurent
 Birthdate: 04-06-2026
 Residence: Apeldoorn (The Netherlands)
 E-mail: celia@joce.nl

My websites
NoBorders FoundationProject that I've done through Freeflex.nl in 2004. The site has since been redesigned by someone else.
Sugar & SpiceMy own site I made in 2004. Created to display the 'dollz' I made using Paint Shop Pro.
Hans Brink GesprekstherapeutA fun project. Not so pleased with the colours, but the customer is always right!
Waste of time sites
The Easter Egg ArchiveFind the hidden content in software, films and other media!
Web building
Dynamic DriveDHTML scripts
Web tools
BravenetFree hit counters and lots more for your website


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